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Adoption Information

If you are interested in adopting please fill out and submit the application below and we will get in touch with you at our earliest convenience! Please read below for pricing and what is included in our adoption process

Altered Cats

$50 minimum donation required. Age appropriate vetting has been given.


$60 minimum donation required. Age appropriate vetting has been provided.**


Every cat we have is microchipped and registered via 24PetWatch at the time of adoption for NO additional fee

**If a kitten is adopted prior to spay or neuter, the adopter is required to have the animal(s) altered by 6 months of age. Once complete, $10 of the adoption fee is returned to the adopter and family

Adoption Application

Do you currenty Rent or Own your home?
Do you currently own any animals?
Do any members in your household have cat allergies?
Have you ever had to rehome a pet?
What do you consider your house to be like?
How much time will your cat spend alone each day?
Where do you intend to keep your new cat(s)?
While your pet is without human companionship, will he or she be with other pets or alone?
How important is it that your cat adjusts to new situations quickly?
Do you want your cat to love being around children?
If the cat you adopt is not already declawed, will you have procedure performed?
Does your cat need to get along with any of the following (select all that apply):
Have you lived with cats before?
How often do you want your cat to enjoy being held?

By clicking submit below, I certify that I am at least 18 years old. The above statements about me, and my history with companion animals are true and correct. I understand that Better Together Animal Rescue, Inc.. reserves the right to refuse any applicant for any reason. Any misrepresentation of fact may result in my application being rejected. My signature to this document also permits my present (or previous) Veterinarian or Animal Hospital to release requested information to a Better Together Rescue, Inc.. volunteer regarding my current or previously owned pets for the purpose of considering my application for a companion pet. I will not hold Better Together Rescue, Inc. or any of its volunteers responsible for any actions incurred once the animal has been released from their care.

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